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We aim to CONNECT, EMPOWER & TRANSFORM Women from all walks of life. We seek to design events where trust, wellness, leadership and the love for living a fuller life; are always at the forefront.


We are committed to creating a circle that elevates women who want to thrive together.


We created We THRIVE as a result of not finding an all-inclusive networking platform or organization for Women in Las Vegas.


Every networking group we have been part of, has always been specifically designed to cater to a targeted demographic. Although this is great and has served us well throughout our careers, we felt something was missing.


We decided to take the “work" out of “NETwork” and created a safety "NET" for all Women who are looking for a space where they can thrive in whichever stage of their life they are in.

Through intentionality and dedication, Argentinean immigrant Michèle Kline, built a meaningful career in the Hospitality Industry. Speaker, 6x international bestselling co-author, training facilitator, process improvement expert, and above all, a believer in dreaming, daring, and doing GREATLY! 


In 2010, she founded Kline Hospitality Consulting. She has successfully turned operations around by enhancing companies' culture and improving their processes, with a laser focus on leadership development. In 2018 she was awarded the "Learning & Development Professional of the Year" in the State of Nevada, and in 2021 was selected among the "Top 15 hospitality Trainers" worldwide.


As a Certified Life Coach, Michèle also works with individuals 1:1 and in group settings, guiding them into a new phase of their lives and encouraging them to become their best version. In 2022 she was selected among the "Top 5 Coaches To Look Out For" in the United States by Entrepreneur Herald and received the "Executive Coaching Award" by CEO Today. Her most recent accomplishment includes being selected as the "Most Transformative Leadership Coach in Nevada" for the Global Excellence Awards.


In 2021, she Co-founded WTF! Walk the floors, All Thing Hospitality Training, a podcast focused on hospitality training using real-life stories. With a hint of wit, she sheds light on the areas of opportunity leaders miss when managing from behind their desks. As a result, she was recognized as one of the Top 15 Hospitality Trainers in the world. This project became a hospitality-specific training program where professionals are inspired to become customer and employee-centric, passionate and enthusiastic.​

Michèle is also involved with several philanthropic organizations. Her mission is to help leaders find their passions, ignite transformation, and inspire them to grow!


Janelle Kennedy is a Las Vegas native, fur baby mama to Milo and Molly, who keep her busy. She works hard to inspire others with her enthusiasm and joy, using her positivity and creativity to better the lives of others. 


She has spent the past 25 years honing her skills in business development for various areas in the real estate industry. She continues to increase her areas of expertise and helps Las Vegas business owners along the way as their Fractional Business Development Manager and Business Connector.

As owner and founder of Jayde Consulting, Janelle concentrates on helping business owners grow strategically. She strongly believes that connecting with prospective clients is more than just a transaction, it takes strong professional relationships. With Jayde Consulting, she helps professionals take the next step with their connections and elevate their network.

She founded the Las Vegas Chapter of The Dames, where as a President, her interest was in helping women raise their voices and become their biggest cheerleader. She spreads the wealth as a member of Women Decision Makers. As a Leader of the Las Vegas Chapter at UPWARD Women, she focuses on increasing membership, connecting women and contributing to event planning and execution.

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