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Janelle Kennedy

Business Development Consultant

Fractional Business Development for Small Business Owner

Looking for existing and lost customers can be a daunting task, but I'm here to help. With my expertise, I can re-engage with past clients and utilize my network to find new customers for your business. Let me fix your follow-up and help you grow your customer base.

Business Development Strategist

I help devise, plan, and implement strategies to enhance your company’s growth and profitability. This role involves identifying potential opportunities for expansion, developing strategic partnerships, and creating plans to achieve long-term business objectives.




Brainstorm Team Meeting

Group Sessions
(Sales Teams)

  • Deep dive into current strategies

  • ​Clear direction on where to find ideal strategic partners and clients

  • Learn how to collaborate with your referral partners

  • Identify industry specific networking groups and how to work it

  • Discuss using video in client outreach​

  • Learn how to implement storytelling 

  • Group sessions are 2 hours in length

    *Longer timeslots available

 1:1 Sessions

  • Deep Dive into your business offerings

  • Clear direction on where to find ideal Strategic Partners and Clients

  • Create a Business Development Plan

  • We will track progress and recap any processes discussed in the session


  • Sessions are 1 hour in length, which can be virtual or in-person

   *4 Sessions or 6 Sessions Available

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